How To Start Mini Importation Business From Scratch With Less Than #20,000

How To Start Mini Importation Business From Scratch With Less Than #20,000

How To Start Mini Importation Business

There are so many ways to make Legitimate Money Online but Today am going to teach you how to make 6 figures within 6 months from Mini Importation Business

“Discover How You Can Start Mini Importation Business From Scratch With Less Than #20,000 And Turn It Into 7 to 8 Figure Earning Within Few Months From now… ”

Using your Mobile phone, Facebook and Whatsapp account to control and manage your business.

New video course Reveals How Any one Can Go From Being a Failure With Importation Business to Being a Success… All in Just a Few weeks!

From the desk of Henry Samuel

Dear friend,

Are you unemployed?

Are You A Student?

Are you Employed and Still Need Extra Income?

Do you want to learn how to make Legitimate money online?

Are you looking for Business you can do online to supplement your well being?

If you answer Yes to any of this questions then… Keep Reading…

I will take you by hand and show you step by step methods you can use to start Importation business from scratch, and turn it to profitable business guaranteed of earning you 6 to 7 figures monthly and you can do it online just like Jumia and Konga.

What I am about to show you will shock you, just ensure you read this entire letter.

You will get to know secrets top Importers are hiding from you within few minutes of reading this content.

Who am I and why you should listen to me

Well at least I need to say something about myself in case of people who don’t know me.

My name is Henry Samuel I’m I am an Internet Business Consultant, Importer, Internet marketer , Blogger and website developer, i own this site and other four sites, I have been working online for more than 10 years now so I know the right business to do.

I am the CEO of EMPIRE COMPUTERS NIG LTD Located in Owerri Imo State, a company Registered under the rules and laws of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria And With The Corporate Affairs Commission, Reg No, RC757876.

I have lay my hand on so many internet business courses, bought ebooks and videos online but all these course didn’t earn me huge profit until I started learning importation business, is not that easy when I started because I’m doing it base on try and error, fortunate for me I saw the right mentor who took me by hand and revealed where I can buy cheap product from china and resell here in Nigeria for huge profit.

I normally use Aliexpress to order my products until I came across Chinese website cheaper than Aliexpress, Dhgate, Alibaba and others, this website offer varieties of products.

I save more money buying from this secret website, let me tell you one secret about this website and Aliexprees with proof, most seller on Aliexpress buy products from this website and resell on Aliexpress for huge profit, check the picture below you will understand what am talking about.


How To Start Mini Importation Business From Scratch With Less Than #20,000

the same product with the same quality sell high on Aliexpress, but very cheap on this Chinese website.

Let talk about the price, as you can see above this product sell on Aliexpress for $10 which is #3,610 and sell on this secret website for ¥8.50 which is #488.11.

you can use Google to confirm the exchange rate.

I am sure you would prefer this website than Aliexpress, because the same product with the same quality you get it cheaper and save you more money to run your business.

check another product below

How To Start Mini Importation Business From Scratch With Less Than #20,000

This is car scanner, the buyer on Aliexpress sell it for $6.92 which is #2,498.12 and sell on this secret website for ¥13.00 which is #746.52.

let me ask you which of these websites you will order your product from, is it from Aliexpress or the other website?

The decision is yours

This this one of the secrets some Importers are hiding from you, but fortunate for you I’m ready to reveal everything to you, if you are ready to take massive action. is the website and its completely in Chinese language but i will teach you how to translate the site to English.

To buy from this site you will need the help of a procurement Agent/Company who has office here in Nigeria to help you book for your product and ship it to you within 2 to 5 days.

Most of you must have heard of this Chinese site ( but the Big Question is

  1. How to communicate with this sellers since they only speak chinese and the languages on the site is written in Chinese
  2. How to make Payment on this site since they dont accept Credit card/ Visa/ Master card.
  3. How to ship this goods down to Nigeria within 5 days.

That is why I am here for you…

Continue reading to find out how you can get started

What are the procedures to follow to start and making money from Importation business?

– Source for Hot in demand product

– Import the product in Nigerian within 5 days

– Facebook ads does the selling

– Delivery and I repeat the process again and again.

teeth whitner

I.E) I bought 15 teeth whitener (Picture above) for ¥10 (570 Naira Each) Equivalent and sold it for 8,000 naira each on facebook, ok lets do the calculation

¥10 x 15 = ¥150 (8,550 naira)

Then used 5,000 for shipping it to Nigeria

Then used 5,000 for facebook ads. Thats Total of 18,550 Naira

and sold at 8000 naira each

8000x 15 = 120,000 naira within one month

and my profit is 120,000 – 18,550 = 101,450 naira (thats my profit in ONE MONTH)

So good to be true? Keep reading


This is the break down

Firstly, I will source for hot in demand product that solve people problem , apart from the Teeth Whitener there are other Hot Product that Nigerian are dying to have and so many of this Hot products are on my Advanced Course.



First I will visit this Chinese website look for quality product with cheaper price and copy the product link and send it to my agent in China who will book my order, within 3 to 5 days the parcel will arrive Nigeria.


First The site 1688 is for chinese and only chinese are allowed to register and Login.

Secondly the Sellers on the Site only accept Chinese money and thats Yaun.

So since we cant register and make our order or Even pay because we dont Use Yaun and our Debit Card can pay in Yaun, what we do is use Chinese agents who have Nigerian Bank Account here in Nigeria and Also have office here in Nigeria, who will help us buy from the site.

So What we do is Contact this Agent on Whatsapp or EMail send them the link of the Products we wana buy and the Quantity then they will Analyse and give us the full prize of the product and delivery fee.

So we then Pay them in Naira to their Nigerian Account which they will confirm and pay for our goods in Yaun.

It take less than a day to procure the products and they will send it down to their Office Here in Lagos Nigeria.

When the Goods arrive Nigeria within 5 days and they will contact and give you the location where you will come and collect the goods.

NOTE: There are two types of Shipping: Express and Normal Delivery.

Express is within 3days its faster but more expensive

and Normal shipping which is around 14days but very cheap.

But dont worry within my two years of experience i have made friends with some Shipping Company that charge me very cheap price for express delivery. (You will get their contact in my Advanced Course


Remember you cant buy from without the help of these procurement agents.

Also remember you can do all this thing through whatsapp, you dont need to login/register on any site.


If you are not in Lagos you will contact a Courier service Company to pick it up for you and send it to your location. (Note: they will deliver your product anywhere you are in Nigeria.)

What will this courier Service Company do for you?

They will pick up the goods for you from the Chinese Shipping company and store it for you in their warehouse and they will be the ones delivering it to your customers nationwide should incase if you are not in Lagos and you want to be Selling Online.

What you will do is Do your promotion on Facebook or Instagram, get orders from your customers and then send the order to your courier service, they will deliver the product to your customer on Cash on delivery.

I recommend Cash on delivery because of Lack of trust we have in this Country. Most of your customers will not pay unless they see the product.

The next part is promotion:

This is where you will turn your Facebook account into money making machine; Facebook is the biggest social media site that has million of people who are ready to buy your product. Facebook has different ad objectives that you can use to target the right audience who are ready to buy what you are selling, anytime I put up ad the order flow in, people will start contacting me on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Once I get an order I will forward my customer details to the delivery company, within 2 days they will deliver my product to my customer and remit my bank account.

NOTE: This Courier service Company will deliver your product at Pay on Delivery, because Nigerians will not pay your product unless its on pay on Delivery because of the rise in 419 scheme in Nigeria.


This Business is not for you if:

You think you need millions of Naira to start this business

You will make millions overnight without doing the necessary things.

You are not ready to put in the effort

You think making money online or importation business is not real.

hear what my students are saying about me and my course

How To Start Mini Importation Business From Scratch With Less Than #20,000

Why I prefer this site?

  • Products are cheaper
  • Save money
  • Easy to access
  • Quality product
  • Easy means of delivery

If you don’t follow the right step by step instructions then you will be leaving the money on the table and it will take you months or years to get result or you won’t get any result and you will end up quitting.

Are you ready to follow the right instructions that guaranty result?

I am sure you will Say Yes I am ready!!!

Good of you….

What if I show you ebook and video course you can read, watch, learn and Implement the strategies I am using since all these days, would you mind getting this course to save you time, money and stress?

I am sure you will be interested right?


I have created powerful and comprehensive ebook and video guide that reveal the right way you can learn and start Mini Importation from scratch and start making money within few weeks of implement these ideas.


Ecom Cash System (ECS)

Step by step guide on how to start importation business with less than #15,000 and grow it up to 6 figures monthly.


1.The BRONZE PACKAGE (3,500): You will get the Ecom Cash System that includes all of the listed below:

These are the things you will get

  • – Introduction to Mini importation Business
  • – Products sourcing; methods you can use to source for hot in Demand products
  • – How you can order product less than #500 and sell it for #8500 to #10,000 or more
  • – List of HOT in demand products
  • – You will get to know this secret website cheaper than Aliexpress and co.
  • – You will have access to the Logistic companies that can help you book your order and deliver your product within 3 to 5 days, you will have access to their office details in Nigeria, and whatsapp number to book your order.
  • – How you can pay the logistic company in Naira without any problem, you don’t need paypal or payoneer to make payment
  • List of Courier service Company in Nigeria that offer pay on Delivery Nationwide, if you don’t use the right delivery company, don’t be surprise they can send your back to village, you will see list of the best delivery companies you can partner with to ensure successful delivery.
  • You will discover how you can store you product with any of these delivery companies without you staying in Lagos state, any time you have an order you will forward the details of your customer to them and they will help you deliver the products to your customer, which they will remit the money into your bank account.
  • List of videos you can use to promote your products that ensure conversion and sales.
  • Marketing techniques; you will learn the best means of promoting your product online that guarantee sales. like Facebook ad, ecommerce website like Jumia etc, email marketing, etc.
  • Facebook ad; you will learn how you can use Facebook to promote your product using the right Facebook ad objective.
  • How you can sell your product on Jumia, Konga and Dealdey.
  • You will learn how you can use your normal Facebook, and Whatsapp account to control and manage your business.
  • You will also learn how you can edit the video you will use to sell your products
  • How you can deal with Delivery company to deliver 85% to 95% of your product.

2.THE SILVER PACKAGE (PRICE 4,999 Naira): The Silver package includes all in the bronze package plus one year Mentorship from me.

During my Mentorship I would take you by hand and show you the right way to start, run and make money from Mini Importation business, latest marketing ideas, sourcing for hot in demand product.

I would support you till you understand this business and make your first millions of Naira from this business, any time you have issue with your business it will be very easier for you to reach me and solve your problem.


DONT WORRY I GOT YOU COVERED. I discovered this hot product that sells like AKARA and the product is sold at 800naira in but i sell this product at 6500 on facebook and Instagram. I bought 100 pieces of this month last month and i have already 50 of it in a month at 6500 ( do the calculation).

I will share this secret product with you and tell you how to market it when you get my SILVER PACKAGE.

Facebook Ads course

Step by step course you can use to reach the right audience and sell your products within 2 to 5 days. 

 Camtasia Studio

you can use this software to create video tutorial, recording your screen and edit video. 

My Whatsapp Mastermind Group

This group is about importation business, you will have access to other successful importer, hot in demand product, best delivery companies, marketing strategies, gain idea from expert etc. 

Youtube Marketing Course

This course will show you how you can promote or sell your product using youtube video ad, both in free and using paid advert.

Selling product online using Youtube is hot and effective, it will increase your sales massively, you will learn strategies Nigeria big brand and companies are using to sell their product on youtube.

3.The GOLD PACKAGE:  The Gold package  are for people who cant go through the stress of  Importing their selves, I will do everything for you, all you have to do is contact me on whatsapp tell me what you want to buy then i will search for the best cheap quality product for you give you the quotation/price then after payment i will buy for you have it shipped to Nigeria within 7days and send it to your location. In this package you have to contact me for the price.

I wonder if … you are already realizing how important this can be for you and how it would change your life?

Hear what People are saying about me and my Advanced course


I must confess This is a wonderfully composed and straight forward Importation guide.

I have definitely go through this guide and is whaoooo! The best have ever seen.

I totally recommend this guide to everyone either starters or advanced importer.

Mr. Femi Ezekiel



Mr. Henry is one of the best internet marketer I have ever work with, he is hard working and trustworthy.
if you are truly looking for the best importer to take your hand and show you how you can make consistence income, Mr. David is the right coach for you.
listen to him and you will never ever regret it.

Mr. Johnson Afolami




Mr. Henry is one of my best student, he is reliable and trust worthy.

If you care to know how he is making money online, I will advise you to follow and listen to him. he will surely show you the right things to do step by step to accomplish your dream.

just take massive action

Mr. Peter Effiong




If you are looking for the right Importation course that you can learn from to start making money, Ecom Cash System is the right video course for you.I am also an importer so I know what it entails to make money, you need good mentor who can show you the right product you can venture into to start profiting from it.

Now you find the right Tutor to take you through the process.

Don’t miss use this opportunity, take massive action now, do what he ask you to do at the end you will rejoice and say thanks to God I took the right decision.

Tobi Ogunlade



How To Start Mini Importation Business From Scratch With Less Than #20,000

How To Start Mini Importation Business From Scratch With Less Than #20,000

The above proofs show that people are getting result using my course to import products from china and get it deliver to their home address here in Nigeria without any problem.

You can also join us now.

and Note that i will not only sell the E-book to you but i will take you by the hand and show you this steps one after the other , i will also be there to guide you till you import and sell your first product. i will do all this by means of Whats-app and email.


What is an Ebook? : An electronic book is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices. Although sometimes defined as “an electronic version of a printed book”.

So as an Electronic book it has been compiled in a PDF format and will be sent through Email then you download and read.


The videos will also be sent through Email which you will download and watch.


We can also send it through Whatsapp if thats the Most Convenient for you.

so Mr. Henry, how do I get started?

To get started in the Mini Importation Business, go ahead and Make payment of either 3500 or 4,999 naira or call or contact me on whatsapp Click here to contact me directly on Whatsapp: for the GOLD PACKAGE.



Here’s How To Order

To take advantage of this special offer, pay just N3,500 or N4,999 ONLY into any branch of The banks below in Nigeria using the bank details below:

Note: You may also do online transfers using online banking services.

Bank Name – Zenith Bank
Account Name – Onuoha Henry . s
Account Number – 2087296860


Bank Name – Access Bank
Account Name – Onuoha Henry . s
Account Number – 0044845687

After making the payment, make sure you send us your payment details to Mvphenryeto
(at) Replace (AT) with @ or send to this Number 08084598716. The subject of the email should be
Ecom Cash System Advanced course” and indicate the Package you paid for BRONZE/SILVER/GOLD.

You Can Always Contact Me through Whatsapp: Click here to contact me directly on Whatsapp:

The payment details you are to send are:

Your Full Name
The products paid for
Teller number
Amount paid
Phone Number
Date of payment
Your email address
Bank paid Into

As soon as your payment is confirmed, the Advanced course that you paid for will be sent into your email box or will be sent through Whatsapp so that you can download them and start applying the techniques right away.

N.B: The Advance Ecom Cash System is Not in Hard Copies. It’s only available as digital copies that will be delivered as email download to your email inbox.


  1. I like your write-ups but where do I sell the products after the importation? For instance, if I order for 10 laptops from China, where are the ready market for it? Can I sell them on Jumia, Kong’s? Or it is through the Facebook ads?

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