Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs Drop’s FETTI Album

Download Album: Currensy & Freddie Gibbs – FETTI zip

Download Album: Currensy & Freddie Gibbs – FETTI zip

Download Album: Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs – FETTI

FETTI is brief and sweet, and can leave you want it might never finish.

Curren$y’s discography is massive enough to fill a 32GB iPad. To be an acquaintance of Spitta is to invariably forecast additional. Yet, irrespective of however massive his mountain of music becomes, there stay some special standouts. one amongst those standouts is “Scottie Pippen,” the Freddie Gibbs-assisted scorcher that seems on 2011’s Covert Coup, a classic cooperative project between the Jet Life compulsive and producer of the Album Currensy & Freddie Gibbs FETTI The Alchemist.

Hearing Curren$y and Gangsta Josiah Willard Gibbs along over Al’s production was an instant of underground rap magic. Now, seven years later, and once solely one or two of collaborations, the “Scottie Pippen” trifecta has reunited to unharness a full-length, nine-track project referred to as FETTI.

Made from entirely new music, the album was reportedly recorded in barely 2 days. It’s been twenty two months since the project’s initial announcement, however time hasn’t withered the thrill. this can be quite simply a novelty joint project; fans expect 9 songs that live up to the previous standards set by these 3 and not simply a group of records to feature to the mountain.

Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs – FETTI REVIEW by EMPIRENAIJA

1. “Location Remote”

My inner blog-era Yoh is hoping his enthusiasm isn’t misguided. He’s been disenchanted enough this year. attention-grabbing buildup. Slow, however grabbing. The mood could be a pitch-dark dark, sort of a corner before one thing huge goes down. The drums simply came in and my heart is with happiness athletics. may simply be the background music compete throughout a Fight Club match. Curren$y is beginning this one off. Easy flow. The imaging is nice. Yep, this can be a Spitta World Health Organization didn’t come back to play. “Andretti and Josiah Willard Gibbs are just like the barrel to your ribs.” GIBBS! WOOO! He’s sounding like 2011. Okay, this can be nice. Gibb is speaking that talk. “Legend during this bitch may do Coachella as a exposure.” I simply levitated to heaven. Samples. i like the money-counter impact. W.
2. “The Blow”

I hope Al has the money counter enjoying throughout the whole project. This one comes in emotional. Josiah Willard Gibbs claimed he is “the king of talking shit.” These keys are straight outta Sunday service. Josiah Willard Gibbs sounds immaculate. Over these beats, his flow is unfit in gold. SHEESH. Straight Tony American state speak. The approach he switches his flow is sort of a Porsche change gears.
3. “New Thangs”

So far these records are short. No hooks, just raps. Straight coke, no cut. Spitta’s flow is electric sander than a freshly beardless face. “A stunt double pack.” This Spitta verse may overheat my portable computer. Skated. similar to Spitta, i like however Josiah Willard Gibbs started his verse by mentioning Air Georgia home boy. they’re in synchronise. Al is de facto chopping up the gospel. The loop has such associate infectious radiance thereto. Foreign girls and dead homies within the wall, the lifetime of Freddie Josiah Willard Gibbs.
4. “Saturday Night Special”

Dusty! The album is moving quick, however Al’s tempos are therefore relaxed. This record is La-Z-Boy relaxed . i like the nighttime ambiance. It looks like a time of day drive to an area you aren’t lawfully speculated to be. this can be the song you play before catching somebody slippery outside of a house. Yep, this could be the favourite. i like the bar regarding having to be sensible at riming to assert you were a rapper. Curren$y is in an exceedingly Joseph Louis Barrow Bag. Josiah Willard Gibbs got labeled in. “I got hard drug wedding rings.” This verse is hard. TOUGH. Freddie is in an exceedingly completely different mode. My heart is growing just like the Grinch. The diary gods didn’t let Maine down.
5. “Now & Later Gators”

This appears like the sound recording to a pimp’s night on the city. Josiah Willard Gibbs singing is humorous . this can be light-weight a candle, pour some sensible wine, and have a threesome music. A street rapper with a romantic facet, your favorite may ne’er. what’s this loop, Al!? i like the chords. No Curren$y on here. Not an enormous fan of Gibbs’ singing, however the raps and beat are value multiple come visits.
6. “No Window Tints”

Another grabbing buildup. Cinematic. Curren$y is reception. He’s in an exceedingly gown together with his feet kicked up. Curren$y’s flow and Al’s production along sounds higher than free attention. Okay, perhaps not that sensible however it’s up there. These 2 are sonically created for every different.
7. “Willie Lloyd”

I can’t believe however sensible this can be. FETTI is precisely what I unreal of. These keys sound like they need a feud against the whole planet. this can be what should’ve compete once Cardi B saw Nicki Minaj at the big apple Fashion Week. Josiah Willard Gibbs came in with a Juggernaut flow. He’s running through the beat with such confidence and poise however therefore sinister. If the album got stuck on this song it might take half-hour before i might manually amendment it. That was a dropkick with Timbs on. intellectual is actually a magician.
8. “Tapatio”

What is this sample? appears like yacht music. These keys are a touch loud, sitting on high of the vocals. It’s drowning Curren$y out. He’s unbothered with a flow that soared across the record with ease. These 2 are treating the beats like ice and sport across them like they’re making an attempt to win Olympic medals. Man! we want Al to present Freddie the pack for his next one. a number of his most spectacular rapping since plaything.
9. “Bundy & Sincere”

You have to like an honest Belly reference. Soulful! “Rap shit got Maine parking Bentleys on the lawns.” YO! Curren$y has left the atmosphere. He’s on a unique planet with this verse. Geez! A mackintosh Miller reference! The Blue Slide Park bar was robust as nails. Josiah Willard Gibbs is fictitious character and is treating the beats sort of a wealthy man that’s being robbed. this can be inventive abuse. More, we want additional.

To say FETTI is painfully short doesn’t begin to accurately illustrate however quickly the music comes and goes. The project is brief—as long as an advert break—but the lasting impression isn’t. There’s a grabbing aptitude to each song—everything from the assembly to Freddie and Curren$y’s performances seizes your attention instantly. At one purpose throughout every song, I hoped the track would continue, that FETTI would ne’er finish.

Curren$y and Josiah Willard Gibbs each sound refreshed. I don’t understand if it’s the results of them sharing the spotlight, Alchemist’s stellar production, or if the combine merely had the will to attack this album with a fiery passion, however one thing inspired the 2 veteran heavyweights to carry nothing back. Between their fascinating pun and spirited flows, the performance could be a rush. You can stream the FETTI album on spotify below

FETTI isn’t a joint album wherever its collaborators are cardiopulmonary exercise across the end line; this can be 2 40-yard dash Olympic sprinters moving with a burst of life. The blood continues to be pumping.

Again, FETTI is brief. the wonderful “Saturday Night Special” is that the solely song to achieve the three-minute mark. Yet, the 3 do not waste one second. Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs, associated intellectual delivered an album that may be cherished by their revered core fans and hip-hop fans alike.

For what it offers, and the way it leaves a looking for additional, FETTI doesn’t drop the bar set seven years past. The magic continues to be there according to source


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