The Figurine by Kunle Afolayan (Movie Review)

The Figurine by Kunle Afolayan (Movie Review)

The Figurine by Kunle Afolayan (Movie Review)

The Figurine by Kunle Afolayan (Movie Review)

Film title: Figurine – 2009

Director: Kunle Afolayan

Featuring: Ramsey Noauh, Kunle Afolayan, Omoni Oboli, Funlola Aofiyebi

Dialect: English


The puppet is a romantic tale of Femi who is very possessive with Mona who then again is enamored with Shola, Femi does not consider Shola to be being fit for cherishing Mona. The three companion went for National youth benefit and shola proposed to Mona who was conveying his tyke around then.

The Movie recounts an account of two men and a young lady whose fortunes all of a sudden improves after one of them finds Araromire amid one of their continuance trek. Araromire is a model from the Yoruba goddess accepted to give seven long periods of good fortunes and seven long periods of misfortune on any individual who experiences it. However, next seven years unfurls with destuction, torment, and passing.

Over the span of activities unfurling, certainties were uncovered and a goals was made to restore the fugurine. In spite of the fact that I saw the motion picture couple of months after its discharge, I didn’t know of what’s in store but rather to sat reality I was wowed.

To begin with, an awesome system was utilized in the story which is Africanism. The story was wealthy in culture, they made utilization of Yoruba folktales which is relatable. It makes it less demanding for the watcher to get a handle on rapidly the message the creators are attempting to pass. It was not blended with remote touch which made the story turn out well.

The film was very much organized in wording with the characters. They were sublime and conveyed splendidly. Shola was worked to be a tough character continually biting gum, notwithstanding when he went for a meeting, while femi was worked to be this kinda individual I’ll allude to as a quiet executioner. He talks less however has a considerable measure going ahead in his brain.

Discussing the props and set outline, it was magnificent, the set, ensembles and designs all moved the motion picture to more prominent statures. Not to overlook the soundtrack, it was great, It kept me stuck to my television. Scarcely any days after I saw the film I continued hearing the soundtrack in my sub cognizant personality “Araromire”.

The film was anticipation filled and captivating, the photos weren’t clear and great. The motion picture was not unsurprising, it was very difficult for me to advise what would occur straightaway.

The film was mind blowing, however there are some harsh edges that is vague to me. The scene at the shoreline house, the commotion was excessively and at a point I lost fixation. I think the scenes shot around evening time was a wrong planning since I could barely make out the photos.

In all the film is an absolute necessity look for every one of the general population that adoration a motion picture that is wealthy in culture and custom. I’ll suggest it quickly, whenever.

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